We grow more than 140 varieties of high-quality, certified-organic vegetables, including many unique and heirloom varieties. 

We personally design our salad mixes, choosing ingredients for their flavor, textures, and aesthetics. We often offer edible flowers as a special garnish. 

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Each year, we trial new vegetable varieties, searching for cultivars that meet our standards for taste, shelf life, and compatibility with our small-scale organic production systems.



Currently, nearly 80 percent of cut flowers sold in the U.S. are imported. We are proud to be part of a growing number of farms offering locally grown blooms to our communities.


Imported flowers are grown for their ability to withstand long-distance travel. Our flowers are grown for their colors, forms, textures, and fragrances.


Inspired by nature, we favor a loose and organic wildflower aesthetic for our seasonal floral arrangements. Please contact us to inquire about floral design services.



The delicate texture and distinct flavors of microgreens are a wonderful fresh garnish for all kinds of dishes. We grow microgreen mixes and single varieties.



Our small flock of free-range laying hens is comprised of several heritage breeds. They enjoy a spacious chicken house and a large outdoor run and eat only non-GMO feed supplemented with vegetable scraps from our kitchens and fields.


What’s better than freshly picked berries on a summer day? We sell limited quantities of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries at the Millbrook Farmers Market. Get to the market early before they sell out!


Where to Buy

You can purchase our products at the following locations:

You can also find our produce on the menus of restaurants in the Village. The Market Kitchen, a local caterer, frequently features our produce on its event menus. 

If you are interested in purchasing vegetables and/or flowers for your business or an event, please contact us.

Our booth at the Millbrook Farmers Market

Our booth at the Millbrook Farmers Market